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Hi! I want to tell my friend that I see something which I was told through phone, I mean I didn't saw it but rather told by somebody. Is it correct to say "I used my ears as an alternate to the eyes" or "I used my ears as an alternative to my eyes. Thanks!
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    "I used my ears as an alternative to my eyes." would be grammatically correct, but I can't imagine anyone actually saying it.

    If you heard it, or somebody told you it, why not simply say you heard it, or was told it?
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    1,2,1,2,12,... etc. These numbers alternate between 1 and 2 -> verb -> to change places; to form a repeating pattern.
    In a recipe, water can be used as an alternative to milk. -> alternative is a noun. -> another choice/possibility
    You can take aspirin to ease your headache or paracetamol is an alternative remedy -> adjective -> another equally useful.
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