1. xqby

    xqby Senior Member

    Oxnard, CA
    English (U.S.)
    ¿Cómo diríais que hicisteis algo "as an apology"? No estoy seguro que la traducción literal tenga sentido.

    "I gave her a rose as an apology."

    Mis intentos son:
    "Le di una rosa como (una) disculpa".
    "Le di una rose para disculparme".
  2. SDLX Master

    SDLX Master Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Spanish - Peru
    ...a manera de disculpa.
  3. ..a modo de..
  4. Yukia Senior Member

    catalan & spanish from Spain
    Muy parecido a la propuesta de SDLX Master (y quizá más habitual en España pero no tanto en Perú):

    a modo de disculpa
  5. xqby

    xqby Senior Member

    Oxnard, CA
    English (U.S.)
    Huh, interesting. You could also say "I gave her a rose by way of apology" in English--a fairly close translation of "a modo de disculpa." It sounds a bit dated, though.

    Thanks for the help!
  6. Nitalite

    Nitalite Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain & Galician
    The options above are correct as well. Just wanted to make you know "para disculparme" is right.

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