"as" and "in return for"

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Sunday's blast comes at a delicate moment for Turkey, as it seeks to persuade the European Union to speed up its path to membership of the bloc in return for help with the migrant crisis.
What does"as" mean in this sentence?
And "in return for"?
  • ceceauu

    Oh! I see .And i don't know what " in return for help with the migrant crisis"modify in this sentence.
    Thanks a lot.


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    Sorry ceceauu, I thought you meant that you understood "as" to mean "in return for".

    Turkey wants to join the European Union, but some EU countries have been trying to drag the "accession" process out for as long as possible, or indefinitely. Now Turkey hopes that it will have a new bargaining chip, to speed the process up: it can offer to help with the migrants coming from Syria and its neighbours, presumably by keeping them in Turkey rather than sending them to the existing EU countries. Turkey hopes that it can promise to help in this way if the EU promises to let Turkey join the EU quickly. quid pro quo - WordReference.com Dictionary of English
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