as bright as a button

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Baba May

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Ce expresii românești s-ar potrivi cu expresia as bright as a button?

Îmi vin în minte:
- deștept foc
- ager la minte
- minte brici

Mai sunt și altele?
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    Ca de obicei contextul ajută la alegerea unei traduceri nimerite ;)

    De obicei expresia în engleză e folosită fără primul as: she's bright as a button.

    Ca să avem familia completă: cute as a button 🙂


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    - isteț ca un proverb (Eminescu despre Anton Pann)
    - deștept ca aerul care pătrunde peste tot și le știe pe toate (Richard Kunisch (1828–1885), prusac călător - în cartea „București și Stambul. Schițe din Ungaria, România și Turcia”, povestea Fecioara fără trup)

    - minte sclipitoare
    - sprinten la minte
    - cu gura plină de măsele

    If someone is described as bright as a button, it means they are quick-witted.
    The term as bright as a button is a play on words. It plays on the idea that bright means both clever and shiny. (Early military uniforms had highly polished metal buttons, and this will have contributed to the idea that buttons are bright.)


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    cute as a button here

    "cute (< 1731 English acute, bright, clever)
    Being as acute as a button makes more sense as it's referring to the shine of polished brass buttons that make them stand out from others; but seeing as this phrase derived from "as acute as a button" it's easy to see how people mistook it for cute and so the phrase was redirected at cute little things and the meaning of cute was changed over the years. It came from acute as a button, which means bright as a button, which has the obvious origins in shiny brass buttons that stood out from the dark coats that the queens men used to wear..."

    [farscape - moderator] Let's hope this quote taken from the link above will help to find a meaningful Romanian translation.
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