as convoluted as that

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I wonder what is the nuance between "as convoluted as that" and "as complicated as that." The former appears to be more formal and sounds scholarly? Simply a guess here.

“These early populations are really blasting across the continent,” says David Meltzer, an archaeologist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, who co-led the Science study.

The studies also suggest that prehistory of the Americas — the last major land mass to be settled — was just as convoluted as that of other parts of the world.

Source: Nature. 08 NOVEMBER 2018
Ancient genomics is recasting the story of the Americas’ first residents
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    No it's not really more formal or scholarly. Convoluted refers to 'twists and turns', either literally of metaphorically (as in a story or a history). Complexity can describe many different kinds of complication; convoluted collocates particularly well with the flow of a tale that turns in many different directions during its trajectory.
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