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    Hi everybody! I’m translating a novel about a woman of 32 that describes how difficult it is to accept her pregnancy, the relationship with her boyfriend, stepchildren of four and two, mother and friends, among other things. In this part, she describes a weekend in Gales, so it says like this: I was beginning to think that there’s only ever been me, in the entire history of mankind (or, to be technically accurate, womankind) who has struggled with this pregnancy thing. Everyone else seems to imply that it’s as easy as a lady of the night, as natural as the waves coming in.
    My attempt: Todos los demás parecen dar por sentado que es tan fácil como para una mujer de la noche, tan natural como las olas que llegan a la orilla.
    I’m not satisfied with the translation of the last sentence, more specifically when it’s says “as easy as a lady of the night, as natural as the waves coming in”. I mean, I’m not sure whether I’ve got the meaning of the sentence, and consequently, I don’t think the sentence sounds completely natural. Thanks in advance! Any suggestions are welcome!
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    This is a play on words, since "easy" can mean both fácil and disoluto, just as in Spanish (una mujer fácil). A lady of the night is a prostitute. The part about the waves is simpler, as it is just the literal meaning. Waves roll in to the beach apparently without effort, in a natural way.
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    En este contexto, "to be easy as the lady of the night" significa "ser promiscuo". Pero obviamente hay un juego de palabras en el sentido de que su embarazo debería ser cosa fácil.
    Edit:¡Gengo se me adelantó! =)
    "que es tan fácil como una dama de la noche, tan natural como las olas que llegan/rompen..."
  4. Muri 22 Senior Member

    Now it's clearer! Thanks a lot both of you! :)

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