as expected??

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Hello, my dear friends :),
I have a very short question for you and I hope you can help me. Usually I would say "The meeting went off better than I expected" or just "The meeting went well". Is it correct to say "The meeting went as expected."? It sounds unnatural to me, but after all you are the experts :).

Thank you in advance

Good Luck!
  • Edinburgher

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    "The meeting went as expected" is not only grammatically correct, it is perfectly natural. As SS says, it doesn't mean the same as the other two sentences, and in particular it doesn't mean it went as well as you expected, it just means there were no surprises.

    For me, the word "off" in the first example does not fit.


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    Hello everyone

    Could "as" be replaced by "like" as in "The meeting went like expected." or is "as expected" a fixed expression? Thanks a lot!:)
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