As far as I know - Far as I know



We all know the phrase "As far as I know".
Nonetheless, does the variation "Far as I know exist?
I do not remember where I read it, but I did read it somewhere.

What´s your opinion?
  • heypresto

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    In fast natural speech, I can imagine it sounding like "sfar as I know", but 'far as I know' is not something I've seen, or would expect to see, in writing.


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    Agreed. "As" in that spot is commonly left out in casual speech but wouldn't be left out in formal speech or writing. It could be included in writing as a character's dialog (natural speech).


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    I think it would mostly be used as a short answer, even in casual speech.

    - Is he coming tonight?
    + Far as I know.
    - What did you say?
    + I said as far as I know he's coming tonight.
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