As far as I know someone


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As far as I know "the person" he is very honest.

As far as I know he will never do that.

If I know a person very well. And someone is telling me something bad about that person. Which I find very hard to believe.


If someone wants to know about that person.

Can I use "as far as I know" to suggest that I know the person for a long time and very well.
  • Uncle Jack

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    "As far as I know" doesn't really say how much you know the person or thing. Because of this, if you use the expression it might be understood that you don't know the person very well, not in the aspect you are describing at any rate.

    In the first situation you describe, you might do better make two statements; one expressing disbelief and another saying how well you know the person.
    "No, I can't believe he could do such a thing; I've known him since childhood."

    In the second situation, if you do know the person well, you can make a straightforward statement, perhaps prefaced with 'I think'. Use "as far as I know" if you are less certain.
    "I think John would make an excellent wicket keeper."
    "As far as I know, John's quite good at cricket."


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    “As far as I know” is an idiom meaning “to the best of my knowledge”. It is not normally used in the sense of the extent to which you know someone.
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