as far as I know vs to the best of my knowledge

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Is "as far as I know" used interchangably with "to the best of my knowledge"?
Or, is there any differences in their meaning or nuance??
Thank you :)
  • Parla

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    One is more formal than the other, so that in a contract or other legal (or otherwise formal) document, I would use to the best of my knowledge, not "as far as I know".


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    Many people these days say, "to my knowledge ....."

    I never know whether they mean:

    "to my certain knowledge ...." = "I know for sure that this is the case"

    "as far as I know ...." = "I believe this to be the case, but I'm not sure"

    It always seems odd to me to use a phrase which is so ambiguous.


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    Spanish, Spain
    They both express that whatever you know about something is the most you know about that thing. So yes, I would use them interchangeably as well.

    Prashant Dixit

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    'To the best of my knowledge' implicates that you are pretty much sure and well aware but at the same time you want to be polite while saying this. Whereas if you write 'As far as I know' , you don't sound that much confident about it, and can also convey conciliatory sense for any unsure thing. I really do wonder if I have explained correctly !
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