as far back as I can remember

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  1. Timir Member

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm trying to translate the following sentence

    "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster."

    My attempt is the following

    "Насколько моя память меня позволяет вспомнить, я всега хотел быть гангстером"
  2. willem81 Senior Member

    I would state it thus: Сколько себя помню, всегда хотел быть гангстером.
  3. horace.mik

    horace.mik Senior Member

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    That sounds very good.
  4. learnerr Senior Member

    To me, this sounds very bad. Even if I omit the unnecessary "моя". Maybe because the meaning of "позволить вспомнить" is "to wait with questions while the other person tries to remember something", with the shade of meaning that I might as well "forbid".
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  5. horace.mik

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    I don't see why. That's surely not a common way to say that, and not the fastest, sure, it may be a little forced, but under the grammatical point of view it's right and clear. "Позволить вспомнить" could have an interpretation like yours, but it depends on the context.
  6. learnerr Senior Member

    Forced they are. Grammatically, it means that I didn't remember and then suddenly remembered: my memory let me do that.
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  7. Saluton Banned

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    Good but please note the word гангстер is actually mostly used for American gangsters. Russian ones would usually be called бандиты (всегда хотел быть бандитом).*

    (Насколько моя память позволяет вспомнить...? Can you actually imagine someone saying that? They might break their tongue.)

    * Moderatorial: Please stay within the thread scope, which is: "As far back as I can remember".
    Rule 2: If you wish to talk about a related subject that is different from the question posed in the first post of the thread, open a new thread.

    This thread is split (look Бандит vs Гангстер).
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