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    السلام عليكم

    To say that "he likes X but as for me I prefer Y" I think I can say اما انا and then a ف - so in another example:

    لا يعرف ماذا يفعل اما انا فاريد اكون طبيب

    So here the ف is a prefix to the verb. If that is right can anyone please tell me how the ف works eg what it means and where it goes eg does it always prefix a verb or can it prefix something else?

  2. shafaq Senior Member

    و عليك السلام
    ف may preced names and and "letters" as well as verbs; and has a broad meaning(like "so", "and", "where", "which", "that", "successively", "soon", "immidiately", "and", "because of that", "in that case", "therefore", "if so", "then", "okey" ...) according context.ه

    In your example it may mean "that"; but to me; it is redundant there.
    Some other examples.
    Okey ! (Then!), what is your opinion ? فما رأيك؟.
    Ahmad got down and (immidiately) me نزل أحمد فأنا .
    In that case; what are you going to do? فماذا ستفعل؟.
    We walked in the cousin's house that is near the office مشينا الى بيت ابن عمى فهو قريب من المكتب.
    They refused him ; because of that he got angry رفضوه فغضب.
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    In Arabic, you automatically add ف to the consequent clause (apodosis) after أمّا no matter what that clause starts with. It could mean nothing in translation but it has to be added.
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    Arabic (Egypt).
    I'd like to add a little correction:
    أما أنا فأريد أن أكون طبيبًا
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  6. Juc1 Member

    Is there a name for this construction?
    So can I please check does the ف follows quickly after the أمّا
    ie أمّا (as for me / him / Muhammad etc) then the ف word -
    ie not أمّا then lots more words before the ف ?

    Can you please give any examples where the ف prefix is not on a verb?
    Would it be something like this -
    I am French but as for my friend Sarah she is Spanish (أمّا صديقتي سارة فهي إسبانية)
    I want to play football but as for my friend Muhammad, he is tired (أمّا صديقي محمد فهو متعب)

  7. barkoosh Senior Member

    I don't know whether there's a name for this construction.

    The ف should be inserted at the beginning of the consequent clause, no matter how many words come straight after أما. For example (the consequent clause is in italics):
    أما أنا فأريد أن أكون طبيباً
    (one word after أما and before ف)
    أما من يريد أن يصبح طبيباً ليعالج المرضى ويشفي الأمراض، فعليه التخصص في الطب في الجامعة سنوات طويلة
    (many words after أما and before ف)

    The last example has no verb after ف.

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