'as for' vs. 'as to'


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Should we always use 'as to' in the middle of sentence?

My question is this..

1) As for my sister, she is still in the college.

2) As to my sister, she is still in the college.

I know No. 1) sounds more correct but how do I explain that No. 2) is wrong? is it the only reason that we can use it in the middle of the sentence?
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    Dictionary.com indicates the opposite--that there is occasional criticism of "as to" used in the middle of a sentence but not at the beginning of a sentence.
    According to dictionary.com, both "as for" and "as to" are idioms for "about" or "with respect to".
    19.as for or to, with respect to; in reference to: As for staying away, I wouldn't think of it.
    However, they also include a usage note which indicates occasional criticism of "as to" in the middle of a sentence, but does seem to approve its use at the beginning of a sentence for the purpose of adding emphasis to the subject element.
    AS TO as a compound preposition has long been standard though occasionally criticized as a vague substitute for about, of, on, or concerning: We were undecided as to our destination. As to sometimes occurs at the beginning of a sentence, where it introduces an element that would otherwise have less emphasis: As to his salary, that too will be reviewed.
    I do not think your No. 2) is wrong.
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