as good to me as anyone ever was

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Hello, everyone,
I am translating an American movie in which one of the main characters, an African-American male, is talking about his friend Daniel:
I'd do anything for Daniel. He was my boy. As good to me as anyone ever was. He was a big-hearted motherfucker who I knew only had my best in mind.
What confuses me is the part in red. Does he mean that no one was ever good to him as Daniel? Is it correct to use "anyone" in this sentence? I would rather say "no one" but maybe its just my Czenglish :)
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    He means that no one was ever better to him than Daniel. (Someone else might have been just as good, but not better.) It's a reasonably common way to say it, and perfectly correct.

    You can't use "no one" there; that would sound wrong in English, implying that someone was as good to him as no one was. :confused:


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    "Of all the people who ever did me a benefit, Daniel was at least their equal." Not precisely that no one was ever as good to him as Daniel was.


    Oh, didn't read your whole post and quickly deleted mine as cross-posted... But, I agree, I made a wrong point, anyway.
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