as happy as a clam at high Tide


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Hello everyone, :)

I would like to translate the sentence below (to a past love that I had in Beijing when I was a Student :oops:):

as happy as a clam at high Tide

Please finde hereunder a bit more context:

The moon can move tides.
Just like the moon, we both know that a rising tide lift all boats.

That´s why I will tide you over, when you want to reach for the moon, so you can be as happy as a clam at high tide.

However, unlike the moon I don´t use gravity, but just my heart.
Gravity is so 80´s anyhow. :)

I wish you a happy Autumn Festival!

This is going to be tricky, especially as there are loads of expressions which are difficult to translate and which sound good in English, but perhaps not obviously .in Chinese, like for instance, I only found: so you can be as happy as a clam at high Tide: 非常高兴, which is a disappointing as translation.
My level of Chinese limits myself to translations which are too "dry" and not idiomatic.

May you please help me?

My try (it´s going to be bad...):

就这样, 我们知道月会做到水涨船高。("Just like the moon" is difficult here for me to translate).

这就是为什么我将接济你, 你把目标放在到达月亮的时候,so you can be as happy as a clam at high Tide. (I´m stuck here, any idioms in Chinese, conveying the idea of tide or sea and happiness too)?

可是和满月不同,我不使用重力, 然而我的心。
无论如何, 重力是那么80年代的。:)


Many thanks for your help! ;):thumbsup:
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