as I read this book, I recalled a number of bitter memories


Hi, I'm trying to write a book report on "Antéchrista" by Amélie Nothomb. I am trying to translate,

"as I read this book, I recalled a number of bitter memories"

En lisant ce livre, je m’ai rappelé un nombre de souvenirs armes.

..does the sentence above, work? thank you!:)
  • melu85

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    if you want to use the verb " se rappeler", you should say:
    je me suis rappelé des souvenirs amers

    Michel Lassalle

    Sorry zzini510 but :

    1) "se rappeler", because it is reflexive, is conjugated at "participe passé" with "être" and not "avoir" : "je me suis rappelé"

    2) you cannot translate "a number of" par "un nombre de" but by "certains" or maybe, as other replies suggest, not tranlate it at all

    3) and of course it is not "armes" but "amers" (but it was just a typo I suppose

    The translation by Melu85 is quite good or can be slightly changed to :
    "En lisant ce livre, certains souvenirs amers me sont revenus en mémoire "
    It depends of the context of course.
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