as is sometimes suggested - meaning of "suggest"


Could anyone tell the meaning of the word "suggested" here appearing in the following sentence?
"Wallace didn’t drop into Darwin’s life quite as unexpectedly as is sometimes suggested."
FULL QUOTE:Wallace didn’t drop into Darwin’s life quite as unexpectedly as is sometimes suggested. The two were already corresponding, and Wallace had more than once generously sent Darwin specimens that he thought might be of interest.
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    If you check the online dictionary, I'd say definition 5 fits quite well. This is a situation where the facts about Darwin and Wallace's previous exchanges were not fully explained, so it is implied that they did not know each other. This is not true, but the way in which the information is presented leads us to believe that it is true.


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    Or put more simply, as some writers have said/maintained.
    While this may be true in the sample sentence, I'd like to have your opinions on a different one which I have to translate.

    It is not all clear to me whether suggest refer to something explicit or implicit.
    My impression is that it depends.

    When I read "[Statement A], as suggested by X", I can understand it in two different ways
    - X is stating A
    - From what X says, we can infer [Statement A]
    (but I may wrong in the latter interpretation, which is why I'm asking).

    Coming to my question

    Look at this sentence
    The 12 tempos outline a “tempo scale,” analogous to the frequencies of a 12-pitch octave in just intonation - an idea that Cowell’s book had suggested.

    Do you think Cowell explicity mentionned the idea in question in his book?


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    Perhaps this is not the most appropiate doubt in this forum, but can anyone answer my doubt?
    "Sometimes not" is located after or before the verb "to be"? For example, which of these two phrases is correct:

    Scale models are sometimes not accurate enough.
    Scale models sometimes are not accurate enough.
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