As <it> appears in his essay

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Robby Zhu

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China - Mandarin
As <it> appears in his essay, he knows a lot about european history.

I wrote the sentence above, but I can't decide whether "it" is needed, because I have noticed that, in many sentences, the subjects after "as" is dropped. So I want to make sure of it.
Thanks in advance.
  • rhitagawr

    Senior Member
    British English
    I'd be inclined to write As appears from his essay.... in the OP sentence. You can sometimes omit the it when it's impersonal, as it is here. Hospital waiting times are too long, as is shown by these figures.

    But it's I can speak Hungarian, as it happens. The as means something different here. In the first paragraph, it refers to the manner in which something is shown. In this paragraph, it means simply it happens that I can speak Hungarian.

    With a personal subject it's John's a soldier, as we all are and I go to church, as Keith does.

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