as it was once-indeed, right up until that very moment

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    I'm not satisfy of my translation, I think it has many 'blanks'..
    Thank you in advance for the suggestions.

    What truly grips us in these accounts is not so much the numbers as the spectacle of suddenly vanishing competence, of men utterly routed by technology of fail-safe system failing with a logic as inesorable as it was once-indeed, right up until that very moment-unforeseeable. And the spectacle haunts us because it seems to carry allegorical import like the whispery omen of a lowering future.

    My attempt:

    Quello che colpisce in queste considerazioni non sono tanto i numeri, quanto lo 'spettacolo' derivante dalla competenza improvvisamente travolta di uomini completamente sconfitti dalla tecnologia e da un fallimentare sistema di sicurezza, con la logica inesorabile di sempre..... E questa realtà ci perseguita, perchè sembra avere una portata allegorica, come sentore profetico di un futuro nefasto
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    Hello anite, was the source text written by a native English speaker?

    The grammar and spelling are not quite right, but that could be because it is poetry!:)
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    As Rosa pointed out, a few things seem not quite right in the original English. Primarily, it appears to be missing some helpful punctuation and perhaps some small words here and there like "the" or "a". However, I think I understand what it means.

    A "fail-safe" system has failed (is this by chance about airplanes??). The failure itself has followed a logic that was equally inexorable and unforeseeable. Only at the moment of failure did it become possible to foresee the failure, but it was already in process. If we rearrange the "indeed" clause so it is a little easier to understand, we get:

    ...of [a] fail-safe system failing with a logic as inexorable as it was once unforeseeable, indeed right up until that very moment.

    ...dal fallimento di un sistema a sicurezza intrinseca che ha seguito una logica tanto inesorabile quanto era una volta imprevedibile (anzi, proprio fino a quel momento).

    I hope this helps, sorry for my probably awkward/wrong Italian.
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