as Jewish as the Rockets’ locker room


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Some argued that a Jewish astronaut should observe the same routine he would on Earth. Others, that Shabbat should be observed by the time set on his instruments, despite the city of Houston being about as Jewish as the Rockets’ locker room.

Safran Foer. Here I am

one can assume there are not so many Jews among Rockets? But concerning Houston i'd suppose otherwise. Despite it being in Texas
Am I wrong?
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    There are few, if any, Jewish professional basketball players. (Not exactly zero. Dolph Schayes was well known in the 1950s and early 1960s when he was a 12-time All-Star team selection and there have been others, but few enough that this can be used as a metaphor.)
    Houston Rockets Roster
    Rockets are mostly Black. I doubt there are many Jews. See Egmont, above. Long ago there was one Jewish team in pro basketball, I seem to recall, then very few on the big teams.

    Jews in Houston, about 2 percent after 1970. Not many.


    There are few Jews in the American South (leaving aside Florida?).
    A Tribe Apart: Jews of the American South

    The Jewish community in Charleston SC has a long history.

    Move Over Florida, Charleston Is New Hot Place for Jewish Couples
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