as just four individuals

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    would anyone please help me understand the following underlined sentence? I can't understand how a tree exists as four individuals.

    Euphorbia tanaensis is a poorly-known, medium-sized succulent tree, and a member of the large (2000 species) diverse plant genus Euphorbia. The tree stands up to 30 meters tall, and the single trunk reaches up to approximately 50 cm in diameter; typical of the Euphorbia its flowers are reduced and clustered into flowerheads called cyanthia.
    This species is thought to exist as just four mature individuals in a single deciduous swamp forest in the small (42 square km) Witu Forest Reserve of coastal Kenya.

    Thanks in advance.
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    There are only four trees in existence. All the others have perished. The four trees of this species are all to be found in the one forest in Kenya.
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    It is not "a" tree. It is a type of tree. There are four of this type left in the world.

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