As long as you swim, as long as you are swimming

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    If I am in the water with my child and I tell her:

    As long as you swim, we won’t go out of the water.
    —> meaning: she needs to swim in order for us to stay in the water.

    As long as you are swimming, I will be watching you.
    —> she is swimming and I will be watching her.

    Are the meaning correct?
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    No. It means that you won't get out of the water if she continues to swim, that your getting out of the water will not happen until whatever time, if any, that she doesn't swim.
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    In the first one, "we" seems to be you and the child. It's obvious that the child won't go out of the water while swimming, isn't it?

    As long as you swim, I won't get out of the water.

    Regardless, I would use "As long as you are swimming".

    As long as you swim, ... can also mean "As long as you still are in the practice of swimming or have swimming as a hobby.
    As long as you swim, we will pay the membership fee for the pool.

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