as massive as a crowd

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  1. Jolie123 Member

    'Were there lots of people at the concert?'
    'I've never seen as massive as a crowd.'

    Can anyone explain to me why they use that red structure here?
  2. Chez Senior Member

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    The structure in red isn't correct English. It should be 'so massive a crowd'. Sometimes people say (ungrammatically) 'as massive a crowd', but it certainly shouldn't have the second 'as' in it.

    The meaning is: I've never seen a crowd so massive (tan grande).

    The structure is simply an inversion.
  3. mikey21 Senior Member

    Română - România
    I agree with Chez.

    "As massive as a" can be English, but certainly not here. It can be a sentence fragment in: "[an object/animal/person] as massive as a [an object/animal/person that is usually thought to be massive or big] (is)".

    A chair as massive as a table (is).
    A cat as massive as a dog.
    A clerk as massive as an NFL linebacker/NBA center.

    But, these are all sentence fragments.

    Also, I belive that "I've never seen such a massive crowd" would be the best option, because the noun follows the adjective.
  4. Jolie123 Member

    actually I think that too, that's why I don't understand why is this example on my practice for the ECPE exam .. should I think that it's some kind of mistake ?

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