... as much about power as DIY...

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Hello everyone!

I read an article about marital strife and DIY (Do It Yourself) and I came across this sentence that I don't really understand... :
"This reinforced my opinion that this was as much about power as DIY."

If you need more context, you can find the whole article on The Times. The title is "Much strife in relationships is caused by home improvements".

Thank you in advance for all the help ;) If someone could explain it to me in French or Dutch it would be great, but if it's only in English that alright too!!

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    The dispute is not really about DIY. DIY is only the context in which the dispute is being addresssed.

    The dispute is really about who is in control in the relationship, who gets to decide what is done and how it is done.

    Hello Babouschka, and welcome to WordReference :)
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