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Hello, WR members and how are you?
I want to express this idea:
Our company performance is at the best status so long as our employees are competent and punctual. That is, our company performance is always dependent heavily on and affected by our employees' quality and punctuality.
Is either of (1)or(2) would fit and express the aforesaid idea?

1. The more our employees are competent and punctual, the more the company performance increases.
2. Our company performance is as much as the quality and punctuality of the employees.

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    Perhaps a small modification of #2:
    Our company performance depends on the quality and punctuality of our employees.

    Even better is to replace "quality" which is such a nebulous concept in terms of people:
    Our company performance depends on the performance and punctuality of our employees.

    I know you repeat "performance" but you directly link individual performance with company performance.

    Having said all that, it does sound like you're tired of people coming in late -- and yet you seem to be making a company slogan out of reminding them to be on time. I wonder if you wouldn't be better with something simpler and more direct (assuming that tardiness is the main problem).


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    I would change your first sentence just slightly, Ayed:
    The more competent and punctual our employees are, the more the company's performance increases.

    I think the revised sentence makes sense.

    If you wanted to use your second sentence, you could replace "is as much as" with "depends on": Our company's performance depends on the quality...

    I hope this helps. Because we're not allowed to rewrite entire sentences, these suggestions are as much as I can offer you. :)

    PS I'm relieved to see that Copyright has offered similar suggestions. I generally always like his advice.
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