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  1. Timir Member

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    Hello everyone!

    Having a right nightmare trying to translate this sentence into Russian:

    "It's probable that all children worry about their parents' sanity from time to time, but nobody worries as much as I did that year."

    Here is my attempt:

    "Наверное, время от времени, все дети беспокоятся о рассудке своих родителей, но никто не беспокоит также как я в том году."
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    The whole Russian phrase is somewhat unnatural, but if your question is about "as much as", in this case it really can be translated as "так же, как" (note that "так же" in the sense of "as much as" is written separately, unlike "также" - also).
    However more natural in this case would be omiting же: ...никто не беспокоится так, как я.
  3. Saluton Banned

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    Все дети, наверное, иногда боятся, что их родители могут сойти с ума (or сошли с ума, depending on the context), но так, как я в том году, не боялся никто.

    "Беспокоятся о рассудке" sounds too formal.
  4. learnerr Senior Member

    That depends on what you mean. The Words of the Prophet, "All sentences be translated in their contexts," are the Truthful Words.
    Are you about to imply the ironic, half-guessing sense? (Like: "Мама, ты сошла с ума? — с беспокойством и безнадёжностью спросила Лиза [одиннадцатилетняя девочка]"). You know, it's when children lose track of understanding actions and words of their parents, and are not fully sure they will find the track again.
  5. Timir Member

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    Wow, great suggestions, thank you so much. In response to learnerr, I mean it in the context of the child actually being very insightful, and her mum IS losing her mind.
  6. learnerr Senior Member

    Thank you. If so, then I mostly agree with Saluton, although I would word the phrase differently, of course. Just have in mind that Saluton's sentence means both parents at the same time (they're both mentally ill, according to the child's fright), not only mum; I don't know whom you meant.
    Also, I don't like Saluton's premise, it might be too direct and begs to be called false immediately: one thing is to worry about someone's mental health, another is to half-know the person is actually mentally ill or might happen to be so in the near future.
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