As much fun as bull terriers in nudist camp

Discussion in 'English Only' started by mosquitoe, Jan 5, 2009.

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    I've been reading the book "The White Darkness" by Geraldine McCaughrean, it's a young adult novel which sets in Antarctic, and there's two paragraphs I can't really catch the meaning, the first one is: (I'll post the second one in another thread)

    I remember him signing a form..."parent or guardian." That's good. I don't mind. Maxine would. Maxine says parents are as much fun as bull terriers in a nudist camp.

    Question: I know that Maxine must mean parents are dull or something, not really "fun", but what's the connection between bull terriers and nudist camp?

    Thank you!
  2. bibliolept

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    Well, if you're a man then there are parts of you exposed if you are nude, parts that you'd rather a rambunctious dog not have any chance of biting...
  3. Thomas Tompion Senior Member

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    To expand Biblio's explanation: bull terriers are famously fierce breed of dog - they used to be bred for fighting, and they have the reputation that when they bite something they don't let go.
  4. LnGwStX Member

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    I would like to add that I have never heard the expression before, so it may not be a very common idiom, but I understood it immediately because I know the dog's reputation and can imagine what would be scary about the nudist camp -- for a man, anyway. So it's probably a case of the writer using colorful language to drive a point home, and it isn't necessarily a statement one would have encountered previously.
  5. mosquitoe New Member

    Thanks everyone, these are helpful information! Just one more thing: so the word "fun" in this sentence meant "annoying" for their kids or just "not fun"?
  6. bibliolept

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    I think that I could encapsulate the intended meaning by saying that parents are the opposite of fun for those kids.
  7. cycloneviv

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    No - fun means fun, not annoying. "As much fun as" = "Equally as fun as". A bull terrier at a nudist camp would not be very much fun at all. Parents are the same: not very much fun at all.
  8. mosquitoe New Member

    Thank you, bibliolept and cycloneviv, thoroughly clear now.:)

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