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Traditional Chinese
Hi everyone

Recently, I have came across lots of sentences involving the phrase - as noted/ as requested

To me, (as) in these senstences always acts as a subordinating conjunction bringing two clauses together.

If we are gonna to omit the subject and verb (to be) of the subordinating clause, the subjects of the two claues must be the same.

However, I just read some sentences contravening the above gramma rule.

The example:
As just noted, behavior genticists underscore the importance of a child's genetic makeup as determiner of development.


As requested, "motor circuits" has been changed to "motoneurons".

If I try to recover the sentences to it origin, this should be like

As behavior genticists was just noted, genticistsn underscore.......

As motor circuits was requested, motor cicuits has.......

But these just do not make sense.
Can someone tell me whether or not I misunderstand the gramma rule? Or the as noted
Phrase is serving as another gramma component?
  • Keith Bradford

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    These phrases can be expanded as:
    • As I have just noted...
    • As you have/my boss has requested...
    They are quite correct and very common; they refer to the entire clause: "behavior geneticists underscore the importance of a child's genetic makeup as determiner of development" and "motor circuits" has been changed to "motoneurons".


    Traditional Chinese
    Thanks Brittany!

    So the phrases in itself imply that

    As noted = As i have just noted

    The subject of theis clause doest have to tally with the one of the other?

    Am I correct?
    In addition, is this phrase serving as adverbial component of the sentence?

    Thanks for your prompt reply again! ;)
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