"as of" = from or until?


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Hi everybody! I'm filling out a volunteer application and it asks me to provide my available time schedule.
On the form, it says "all year round volunteer as of_________________" So there's this blank for me to fill out. Is it asking me when I can begin my volunteer work OR it's asking when do I expect to finish my volunteer work?
And also, next to it there's "Days________________" Are they asking for available weekdays or the number of days I can volunteer?? This form is confusing...
Thanks for help!
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    I think your form is poorly worded.

    As of can also mean that a state of affairs is true for a certain time. So as of now means that what is described is true for the present. It can also mean what london calling says. I think it probably means when you can start volunteering.

    If there is a lot of space after days, I suppose you could specify with as much detail as you wish (number of days per week, days of the week, etc.).
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