as of July 1st ~ July 7th

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    I wouldn't be clear what you meant. As of usually indicates a reference to a particular single date in the past: eg. As of 1st April 1988 the day care centres have joint funding from Health Board and Social Work.


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    The tilda (~) usually means 'approximately': is that what you meant, or did you intend to write "July 1st to July 7th"? In either case, you cannot say "as of" to cover the duration between two dates.

    As of is followed by a definite single date or time.


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    But, for me, the potential disadvantage of not being what the original is trying to say.

    Are you confident that is what it means, Whirl?
    Would that I had the whole document in front of me before I committed to that. Were I in your shoes I'd ask if it means between or something else.

    I think Pau!Q may have the correct approach.

    Sorry about the delay. I've not had time for the web.
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