as of now or for the present


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I don't need your help, at least as of now/ at least for the present.

If I have to text the sentence, which one would sound more natural?
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    This is our dictionary's definition of the idiom as of

    as of, beginning on;
    on and after;
    This price is effective as of next Sunday.
    "As of now" would mean that starting now and into the future, you don't need their help. I would be more likely to use it if I used to need their help, but I don't expect to need it any more.

    This is our dictionary's definition of for the present:

    for the present, for now;
    We don't have housing for you just yet, so for the present you'll have to stay in this hotel.
    I think this is the one you want. It leaves open the possibility that you may need their help in the future.


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    Thank you so much for hour detailed explanation. Their difference is not very clear to me. Thank you
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