...as one, as no-one...

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Hi, how would you translate this:

"The voice, as one, as no-one, came to me"

Context: a man stands on a cliff-top and looks at persons crashing to the sea; he asks what game this is. I suppose this sentence is their answer because here are the next lyrics: "We have looked upon the heroes and they are found wanting".

I think I understand what it means but I can find no good translation.

  • harrythelm

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    pas clair
    "as one" peut signifier "en chœur"
    mais "en chœur et anonyme" ne rend pas le jeu-de-mots "as one, as no one"
    Aaaaah OK, en fait je n'avais pas si bien compris... Finalement je crois que je vais laisser tomber cette traduction parce que les jeux de mots c'est effectivement intraduisible.

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