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Hey all! :)

I know the following words are interchangeable in most circumstances, but would using "as opposed " in this sentence be redundant ?

Context - maybe we can cut down the conversation over the phone to like 5 minutes as apposed to 2 hours

or would it be better to use " instead of " here ?

Thanks all!
  • Dimcl

    Senior Member
    Canadian English
    Either one works just fine, Green Olive. The only slight difference is that "as opposed" is more formal and can, therefore, sound more critical (which might be what you want!).:)

    Thomas Tompion

    Senior Member
    English - England
    Hello Green Olive. I hope all is well with you.

    I must say I use them often in slightly different ways.

    Take cases where I would normally use instead of.

    Take the bus instead of the train - take the bus as opposed to the train:tick: - take the bus rather than the train.:tick:
    I'll type it instead of writing it out - I'll type it as opposed to writing it out:tick: - I'll type it rather than writing it out:tick:

    Take cases where I would normally use as opposed to:

    I find it hard to understand, as opposed to illegible - I find it hard to understand, instead of illegible:cross: - I find it hard to understand, rather than illegible.:tick:
    I like to eat vegetables, as opposed to eating meat - I like to eat vegetables instead of eating meat:cross: (I'm not saying that I eat the vegetables instead of meat, but that of the two I prefer eating vegetables) - I like to eat vegetables, rather than eating meat:tick:

    As opposed to usually means putting the two ideas in opposition, as the phrase suggests. Instead of suggests replacing the one by the other.

    I've introduced the word rather, because often a phrase using it can do service for either.

    In your case, Green Olive, you can use either. I agree with Dimcl's advice.
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