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It's the movie "Detroit" about the riots of 1967.
It's the end of the movie.
The titles says,
"The family of Fred Temple sued the city of Detroit for wrongful death.
As part of the settlement, the city would not admit guilt".

As far as I know, "settlement" is some deal between parts to avoid the trial, right?
If so, I am not sure how this affair went.
The city would not admit guilt, and that's it?

Thank you
  • wolfram_beta

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    Yes, a "settlement" means they came to an agreement to avoid going to trial. In this settlement, the plaintiff (the family of Mr. Temple) allowed the city not to publicly admit guilt. Presumably, there were other parts of the settlement to make up for that concession. I'm guessing the city paid Mr. Temple's family a lot of money.
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