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Can anyone help me translate this please,

As per Brian's email below, they (as in the company in England) have ordered the boxes on a seperate order (1234) so do not need the box attachments added in the technical drawing.

Merci beaucoup
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    Comme par l'e-mail de Brian au dessous, ils ont commandé les boîtes sur un commande de seperate (1234) n'a pas si besoin des attachements de boîte a ajouté le dessin technique.


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    Selon l'e-mail de Brian ci-dessous, ils ont passé une commande séparée (1234) pour les boîtes et donc n'ont pas besoin des liens pour les boîtes ajoutés sur le dessin technique.

    Not so sure about "liens pour les boîtes", maybe it is worth opening a new thread for it.


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    Hello, what do you think as per means? Is it as said, as required, as explained?
    "As per" here has the sense of "according to Brian's email below..." or "if you look at Brian's email below, you will see that...".

    Consequently, "selon" or "d'après" would perhaps translate "as per" appropriately but I'll leave it to a native speaker.


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    Et bien...

    As said -> Comme il est dit dans l'email de Brian...
    As requested -> Conformément à l'email de Brian...

    To me, "Selon l'email de Brian..." means "According to his email" or "As I understand his email". It suggests an interpretation which might be faulty.

    (I suspect the original sentence with "As per" sound more authoritarian than "According to").
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