As per Mr. Mahmoud's suggestion / Advice / what is mentioned

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"I am currently on leave and i will be back soon. For any concerns please contact: Ahmed, and Mohamed."
The above is an automated mail that I received when I was trying to contact someone "Manager - Know him but not a friend"

I am currently writing an email to Ahmed as what Mr. Mahmoud mentioned in his email but I really don't know what can work better from the following:

1-As per Mr. Mahmoud's suggestion, I am contacting you
2-As per Mr. Mahmoud's advice, I am contacting you
3-As per what is mentioned in Mr. Mahmoud's automated email, I am contacting you.

I am with the second but can we consider what he mentioned in the email as advice? I will appreciate your suggestions and opinions.
  • e2efour

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    The email you received is advising you to do something, so advice fits.
    But rather than use "as per" I would replace it with an ordinary preposition or phrase, as follows:
    1. At
    2. On
    3. As mentioned

    There is nothing "wrong" with as per, which is often used in business correspondence. But it sounds rather formal and stiff.
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