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Hi all,

Is there any other alternative way to say that "I have dispatched the batch as per the delivery date".

What word we can use as an alternative for "As per"
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    Hi James,

    Sorry. I need to know is there is any alternative word to say "As per".

    Eg: i have dispatched the batch as per the delivery date

    What word we can use instead of "As per" in the above sentence.


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    You may have to clarify further. Are you dispatching the batch at a specific time "to meet the delivery date" or as "as per your instructions". Just a couple of ideas...


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    Iam dispatching the batch in the specific time.
    Dispatching something is used to mean "sending something off for delivery elsewhere". The day it is dispatched is the shipping (that word is more commonly used than dispatch) date. The date when it is delivered is the delivery date. These are not the same except for "same day delivery". That is what is confusing and why people are asking for clarification of what meaning you intend.


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    I agree with Julian, who has given you some great explanations. To put it in the form of an example, suppose a factory is to deliver goods to me by May 1st. Let's say it takes an average of 15 days to get to me. If the factory sends me a message on April 15th saying "We have shipped the goods in order to meet the delivery date" (as dadane suggested) I know that they have shipped the goods on time. If they send me a message on May 1st saying "We have shipped the goods as per the delivery date" I would assume they had confused the shipping date and the delivery date. My goods will now be 15 days late and I won't be happy.
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