As per we spoke/said

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In a formal letter, if I want to refer to something I have already spoken with somebody. Can I just say:

As per we spoke or as per we said.

As per we spoke earlier this is what I will do....

  • JamesM

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    Neither sounds goods to me. "(As) per our conversation" would work. (The "as" always seems superfluous to me but it's quite common in American English in business contexts.) "Per" means "according to" or "in accord with" in this context. "According to we said" or "According to we spoke earlier" doesn't make sense in English.


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    I try to avoid this kind of old-fashioned business jargon, preferring something more conversational, though still formal.

    As we discussed on Tuesday ... (for example)


    Thanks for taking the time to replay. But can you add more options?

    I use these phrases in emails right away after a call. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance
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