"as per"


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When writing an email in reference to a previous email or recent conversation:

"As per/following our conversation, please send me the following documents..."
"As per/following the email below, please forward me the information regarding..."

  • .Jordi.

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    Right now I can think about two similar Polish expressions:

    w nawiązaniu do, zgodnie z

    But I'm sure that there are much more of them, so wait for other opinions.


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    I'd like to know the best way to translate "as per/following" based on the context as given in the sentence.
    I will agree that w nawiazaniu do is better in this particular context, but zgodnie z and w nawiazaniu do do not always have to differ in meaning, for example:
    W nawiazaniu do rozmowy telefonicznej z dnia 1.01., prosze uprzejmie o...
    Zgodnie z warunkami ustalonymi podczas rozmowy telefonicznej dnia 1.01., prosze uprzejmie o...