as pure as water (relationship)

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My friend and his girlfriend decide to live apart till they marry because they want to be responbile for each other. Can I say:

Their relationship is as pure as water.

The second situation is that Mary suspects that his fiance betrayed her because she saw that he went out with Jane but indeed his fiance didn't do so, can I say:

The relationship between the fiance and Jane is as pure as water.

Thanks a lot
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    Maybe water after it's frozen and flurried and driven: we say "as pure as the driven snow." But you'll want to use the "in context" feature to figure out how best to use that.

    Too much water is polluted these days to use your expression, I think -- without clarification, anyway.


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    I suppose you could, Silver, but I've often heard people use this cliché in similar statements:

    Their relationship is as pure as the driven snow.

    Not being a big fan of clichés, I have no problem with your version, yet I think it would be helpful to add some sort of phrase to remind your listener that you are talking about pure water rather than the dirty water in some pond. Perhaps "Their relationship is as pure as a mountain spring". :)

    Copyright and I seem to have arrived at similar conclusions.


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    I've never heard "as pure as water", and "as pure as the driven snow" is very old-fashioned; I believe it used to be a praiseworthy description of virgins. I suppose you could say, of a couple who plan to marry but are living apart and do not have sexual relations, that their relationship is chaste. But that's pretty rare now, too.
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