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  1. KaterinaWard Member

    English (UK)
    Can anyone tell me how to say 'as recently as'?

    Η χώρα εμφανίστηκε για πρώτη φορά ως ανεξάρτητο κράτος, χωρίς την οθωμανική κυριαρχία, (as recently as) 1832.
  2. velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    "...μόλις το 1832."
  3. makot Senior Member

    If 'as recently as' has a connotation of 'that early!', I'd suggest 'ήδη από το 1832'.
    If, on the other hand, it is neutral or slightly hints at 'it wasn't until 1832 that...' (if there's some sort of negatory feeling about it, based on context), then 'μόλις το 1832' is perfect!
  4. velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    "As recently as 1832" stresses the fact that it wasn't at all long ago.

    If the writer wanted to say "that early", he might have written "as early as " or "as long ago as".

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