as sharp as a needle

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  • Thomas Tompion

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    English - England
    as sharp as a needle

    What does this idiom mean? Could you give examples to illustrate? Thanks.
    It just means very sharp and is often used with figurative meanings of the word sharp.


    Her mind was as sharp as a needle
    His response was as sharp as a needle

    The point of the sword was as sharp as a needle.


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    Other similes meaning the same thing, particularly metaphorically, are :
    as sharp as a razor or razor-sharp
    and a common phrase used usually when speaking to someone: 'You're so sharp you'll cut yourself.' This one is generally used to imply that someone has been too clever in his reply.


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    I hear, "As sharp as a tack" more often than "As sharp as a needle".

    The meaning would be the same.
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