as shown in my book


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a. Thwy have analyzed the data as shown in my book.
b. They have analyzed the data, as shown in my book.
c. As shown in my book, they have analyzed the data.

The sentences are mine.

There are three possible cases as far as I can see.

1. The book shows that they have analyzed the data.
2. They have analyzed the data in the way that is shown in my book
3. They have taken the data as they are shown in my book and analyzed them. 'The data as shown in my book' forms a single unit.

Now the question is which sentences in the first set correspond to which sentences in the second set.

I would say (c) corresponds to (1).
(b) could have any of the three meanings.
(a) could mean (2) or (3).

But I am not at all sure.
This one is complicated.

Many thanks.
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    It's an interesting question—and I think that your analysis, as shown in your post, is correct. It's a very good illustration of the possibilities of language (and of misunderstanding). Nicely done. :)


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    Thank you very much Parla,

    I noticed your 'as shown in your post' only the second time I read your post. I found it delightful.

    Many thanks.
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