as soon as i buy one

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    hi, how would i translate - I still don't have a french mobile, but i'll give you the number as soon as i buy one, would it be...

    je n'ai pas toujours un portable francais, mais je vous donnerai le numéro aussitot que j'y achete (excuse the bad conjugation of acheter if its wrong)


    welshy x
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    Seems okay to me but français, aussitôt and "...j'en achète un" = "I buy one of them."
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    Hi Welshy,

    I assume you meant you are buying a new mobile, not a new number :D

    So the end of the sentence in English should be ... as soon as I buy one, I'll give you the number.

    That will make the French sentence easier to understand:

    Je n'ai toujours pas de portable français, mais dès que j'en achèterai un je vous passerai le numéro.

    (PS: Your French phone should be able to send text messages with accent marks--umm...doesn't your computer?! Take a peek at the sticky at the top of the page.)
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