as soon as <the various promises made him> were carried out

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The protagonist, Philip, who was born with a club foot, moved in with his uncle Mr. Carey, the Vicar of Blackstable after his mother's death.
He dropped out of King's School at Tercanbury, came to Germany, and stays at the Frau Professor Erlin's lodging house with several guests.
One day, the new lodger Hayward form England came to the lodging house.
The following is about Hayward.
He had ambitions that were vaguely political, he described himself as a Whig, and he was put up for a club which was of Liberal but gentlemanly flavour. His idea was to practise at the Bar (he chose the Chancery side as less brutal), and get a seat for some pleasant constituency as soon as the various promises made him were carried out;
[Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham]
I'd like to know what "the various promises made him" means.
Thank you in advance for your help.
  • There is not much to go on, but maybe the promises (made to him) are that he will be offered a seat, or to run for one, by some liberal party.

    It also mentions he was 'put up' (nominated, proposed) for some club; another possibility.

    Earlier it mentions that his friends prophesied his future eminence. So he expected a fine career, and may have regarded this as 'promised' to him. Generally he seems to somewhat of a slacker who thinks things just come to those with natural gifts.
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