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  1. Konzard New Member

    Spanish - Colombia

    this is my first post, I ask because I couldn't find an answer I liked by using google / reading through different forum thread titles, so...

    While reading in English I have found the words "as soon as" followed by a year or an specific age.

    While I understand the meaning of it as being the first appearance / usage / etc., of something, I don't know what would be the best translation for it into Spanish.

    I'm sorry if it has already been answered, if so, please provide me with the link.

    Thank you everyone in advance for reading my question.

    Have a nice day / rest of the day. :)
  2. jilar

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    Galicia, España
    Ahí tienes la propuesta del diccionario soon as
    seguido de muchos temas al respecto tratados en el foro.

    Para tu caso, como siempre, sería de agradecer una frase, completa, a modo de ejemplo.
    Sin tener todos los detalles es difícil entender tu situación. Así a primeras, si yo leo, sin más:
    ... as soon as 2016.
    Lo interpretaría como "en cuanto llegue el 2016", "tan pronto sea/comience (el año) 2016", ... o algo así.
    Obviamente en inglés falta el verbo necesario, para darle sentido específico. Pero puede ser una frase hecha que ya entiendan de un modo concreto.

    ¿O tú has visto que la frase sea " ... as soon (year) ... "?
    Pues en ese caso lo que siga tras el año, digo yo que habrá que tenerlo en cuenta ¿no?
  3. Bevj

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    Girona, Spain
    English (U.K.)
    Bienvenido al foro, Konzard.
    Por favor danos un ejemplo en inglés de una oración que has visto usando 'as soon as + año'.
    Esta frase sin nada más no es correcto y no tiene sentido.
    Tal como dice jilar, hace falta un verbo.

    As soon as 2016 arrives....
    As soon as 2015 has finished......
  4. Konzard New Member

    Spanish - Colombia
    First of all, thank you both @jilar and @Bevj for your answers.

    I was going to include an example in the first message, but I couldn't remember or find one after searching on Google.

    At the time I received your answers I was busy and while I read the answers, I still couldn't find the example you asked for, in order to get the context.

    Anyway, I realized in addition to not including a good explanation of what I understood the structure to be and not including an example, I also didn't use the right title.

    This is what I was looking for:

    I was thinking of let's say a discovery, an invention, a custom, a word, etc., which starts being used and which first reported or documented use corresponds to a given year, like for example:

    "Evidence of control of fire by a member of Homo is found as early as 1.7 million years ago." -Source: Wikipedia.

    Or sentences like that. Stating the first instance of some of the aforementioned stuff.

    I don't think "As soon as" can replace "As early as" in said context.

    Since my question was wrong to begin with I would like to delete the post, but I think that's not possible.

    Also, I would feel bad because you took the time to answer.

    Next time I will make a better job when asking. I think I'm still very immature. After reading your answers I understood I was in the wrong, but I still couldn't help but think that you didn't want to help me or something as stupid as that. (I understand that's not the case, it's me what I don't understand...)

    So I waited to write a reply, to try not to write something very stupid again.

    Then again, thank you both for answering, you were both right about the context.

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