`as the ball be fielded by....' is it right?


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I read a sports news in a link attached below. But in this news I found an awkward structure though new to me. I just would like to know its correctness and how it is correct? Pls help me understand by paraphrasing.

Does `as the ball be fielded by the Sydney Thunder' mean `as/because the ball was fielded by the Sydney Thunder'???

Gayle’s Melbourne Renegades were up against the Sydney Thunders and the Jamaican superstar was at the crease along with Tom Cooper. Cooper was keen to take a single but despite hitting a ball 90metres to long-on, a ‘lazy’ Gayle chose not to take the single rather stayed glued to the crease and watched as the ball be fielded by the Sydney Thunder. (Gayle again finds himself under fire - bdcricteam.com)
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    It was almost certainly an editing mistake -- for instance, the author may first have written "...and watched the ball be fielded" (which is correct), and then wished to change it by adding "as," but forgot to make the corresponding change from "be" to "is."
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