As the enemy armies grew closer


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Dear all,

Please, I ask for translation of these sentences in Arabic .

The citizens who took refuge in the country were very fearful as the enemy armies grew closer.
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    Hi Anees,

    I'm going to try and translate that for you, and hopefully it will be right.

    المواطنون الذين لجئوا في الوطن كانوا خائفين عندما الجويش العدو اقتربت منهم

    Literally it means the citizens that had taken refuge in the country they were afraid when the enemy armies got closer to them.


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    I think that the word "country" here means الريف

    كان المواطنون الذين لجئوا إلى الريف مرعوبين فيما جيوش العدو تقترب [منهم]ـ

    كان المواطنون الذين لجئوا إلى الريف مرعوبين مع اقتراب جيوش العدو [منهم]ـ
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