As the relationship manager, Dona will be responsible for...

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  1. Como se traduce.. "As the relationship manager, Dona will be responsible for working with the PM management on intergrating the learning form the visit into subsequent work for implementing a risk management system."

    I have "Como directora de la relación, Dona será responsable de trabajar con la administración de PM en integrar el aprendizaje de la visita en el trabajo subsiguiente para aplicar un sistema de manejo del riesgo."

    Gracias, y lo siento que sea un tema bien aburrido!
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    The only thing I would change would be «directora de relaciones» rather than «de la relación» as a Mexican I understand relación to be a relationship between two people and relaciones publicas, sociales etc. to be a more businesslike word.
    Also I think you mean "from the visit" not "form the visit" right? if that's right then your sentence is OK. Hope that helps.

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