as the wind lifted

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Could you explain what the text in bold means?
Does it mean "as the wind started blowing" or "as the wind lifted the man's hair"?

"Ten yards away, a slight figure in a brown overcoat, hair fl
ying away from the side ofhis head as the wind lifted, was inspecting a rusty saw, staring at it ina way that suggested it was Excalibur, newly plucked from the stone. "

Thanks :)

  • theartichoke

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    Hi passola,

    It depends whether or not there's a typo (or bad writing) involved. If it said "hair flying away from the side of his head as the wind lifted it," then it would mean that the wind was lifting his hair. As it stands, without an "it," it has to mean "as the wind blew more strongly." I personally would say "as the wind picked up" rather than "as the wind lifted," but I suspect it means the same thing.
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